Mobile App

Humans are, more often than not, creatures of habit. Many times, sadly, the wrong ones. But we have it in us the capacity to change those habits, those lifestyles.

In times where so much of our understanding of the world comes through the screens of smartphones, the 'Game on!' project decided to develop a mobile app focused on positively influencing lifestyle changes. The app will give the users information and stories about climate change, and, through gamified challenges, they will be able to make more conscious decisions to reduce their carbon footprint while playing with others.

With users logging their activities in the app, it will be possible to calculate their environmental impacts, thus providing an incentive for them. The mobile app will also include a ‘Donate’ feature addressed to support climate change actions in the Global South, thus allowing for users to complement their lifestyle changes with taking a broader sense of global responsibility.

The app’s development is supported by extended research and by a team that includes behavioural scientists, gamification professionals, and Artificial Intelligence experts.

This activity will be led by Hungarian partner PersonaR.

Photo by Unsplash