E-learning Platform

“Those who have not studied in their youth will regret so when they have to make use of knowledge.” So states an old Chinese proverb.

In times when climate change threatens our very own existence, getting to know what it entails and how to overcome it becomes crucial for our future. Thus, learning about it is a must.

In this line, the 'Game on!' project will develop an international open online course about climate change, its social and economic impacts in Europe and the Global South, its links with ecosystem decline, and the role of communications countering climate skepticism.

The online course will not only be scientifically well-grounded but, especially, it will be relatable and easy-to-grasp for young people without any previous knowledge or scientific background in the climate change theme. It will, thus, aim to raise the interest of the youth to the climate change problem and enhance critical reflection on science and society attractively and interactively.

The participants completing the e-course will, after completion of all of its assignments, receive a certificate.

This activity will be led by Hungarian partner CEEweb for Biodiversity.

Photo by Unsplash