geocaching challenge

Search for hidden caches, explore new places and learn about climate change

How to play ClimateQuest?

2. Search for caches and collect coins
3. Share with others #climategameon

Sustainable Swallow

Geocachers know me as a Travel Bug. My mission is to travel sustainably around Europe: by train, bus, car-sharing, bicycle or even on foot!

Have you found the swallow during your cache hunt? Help her in her mission and take her to another cache in a different country. Your challenge is to travel in a sustainable way.

Tell us about your experience on social media with #climategameon #climatequest.

Sustainable Swallows did not yet start their journeys. We will keep you updated about them.


The project ‘Game On! Don’t let climate change end the game’ is an initiative of a consortium of 10 partners from 8 Central and Eastern European countries to activate the global youth and react to the existential threat climate change represents for the future of humankind. The project has been made possible thanks to the co-financing of the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) mechanism.

Climate change and biodiversity

Swallow, the mascot of ClimateQuest, is among the many species which are being threatened by climate change.


The migration of bird species is strongly dependent on environmental cues. Due to the changing climate, the onset of spring in the northern hemisphere is coming almost a month earlier than it used to just a hundred years ago. This means that the timing of the arrival of migratory species and food availability are no longer in sink. Some species might therefore have problems raising their young as the food source they rely on, such as caterpillars, may no longer be available at the right time.

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