Game ON Product

International Youth Exchange Camps

Time to take a walk on the wild side! And to set up a tent. Look at the starry night. Reconnect with nature.

Wilderness camps provide an incomparable opportunity to go back to our roots and to learn about them. Ecosystem services and their linkages to people and lifestyle decisions are part of our natural relationship with the environment.

Thus, the 'Game on!' project will be organising a total of 52 Wilderness Camps, throughout the project's lifespan, targeted to children and youth in 7 of the participating countries. The wilderness camps, taking place during the summers, will be focused on the theme of climate change and its links to ecosystem decline.

Experienced educators will involve the children and youth in interactive exercises and volunteering actions related to the project's theme.

Young Ambassadors (YA) from different countries will participate in YA wilderness camps and, thus, will also make these camps serve for international exchange and peer learning purposes.

Each national partner will lead this activity in their own countries.