Game ON Product

Improvisation Theatre

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Or, perhaps, was the question. Today, with climate change foreshadowing a scenario of mass extinctions, perhaps an urgent update is necessary: “Two bees, or not two bees, that is the question.”

Art is, no doubt, one of the most powerful ways of communication. It unravels societal problems, humankind’s hopes and desires, and our struggles. Through art, we can learn, we can get in contact with our innermost doubts and fears, and be pushed to confront them.

Thus, art can help convey much-needed messages — even to an otherwise less receptive audience.

In this line, the 'Game on!' project will initiate a cooperative approach with improvisation theatres and stand-up comedians to incorporate in their performances messages on climate change, its impacts on the people in Europe and the Global South, and on sustainable lifestyle decisions.

This activity will be implemented in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, and Slovakia, and will be led by Hungarian partner CEEweb for Biodiversity.