Caches in Bulgaria

A cache is usually a container of various sizes. Each cache contains a notebook, so-called logbook, a pen or pencil and small items for exchange, which are left here by the cachers. Each cache has its own unique GC code. You can also find wooden coins in the caches, so-called SWG. You are welcome to keep these as a souvenir!

The Observation Point

This is a special place where birdwatchers and ornithologists are visiting to observe the autumn migration for more than 30 years. Their observations are used for scientific reports on the tendencies and challenges that the main group of migratory birds meet during their flight over this bottleneck site – Atanasovsko Lake.

The Excavator Operator’s House

The geocache is near the border of the managed reserve Atanasovsko Lake and close to the dykes which separate the lake into 150 basins. The dykes maintained the salinity and also protect the lake during extreme weather conditions – rain, storms, floods.

The Egg

The Egg is a birdwatching hide in the southern part of Atanasovsko Lake – part of the Avocet trail. From here the visitors can watch birds but also the giant pyramids of salt – a product strongly dependent on the weather conditions.

The Canal lock on Azmak River

The big reedbed massive of the Azmak river is an important reservoir for water and carbon.

The Spring

The wet meadows around Atanasovsko Lake are reservoirs of water and preserve the area from floods and intensive rainfalls.

The Hill

The panoramic view from this point demonstrates the coastal lagoon – one of the most important carbon sink habitat.

The old bridge

The geocache is installed on a bridge over the bypass cannel which protects the lake from floods.

The Flamingo panorama

Here is a very popular place for flamingo watching the last few years. More than 150 Great Flamingos appeared in the summer of 2019 and since then they are increasing their number to 1600. One of the main reasons for the appearance of this species is the climate change and the warmer winters

symBiotic Space

This is a sort of museum and information centre devoted to Atanasovsko lake and its importance on national and European levels. The impact of climate change is presented here through an interactive exhibition inside, including interesting animation for the water cycle.

Activity in Bulgaria is led by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) is a non-governmental non-profit organization working for nature conservation in Bulgaria and its neighbouring countries — especially in key regions as the Central Balkans, Pirin, Burgas Wetlands, Strandja Park, Osogovo and Belasitsa. For over 20 years, BBF has supported civil participation in managing natural resources and protected areas (PA), changing environmental legislation, presenting sustainable business models, enhancing organizational cooperation, and raising public awareness on the issues of biodiversity and nature protection.