Caches in Slovakia

A cache is usually a container of various sizes. Each cache contains a notebook, so-called logbook, a pen or pencil and small items for exchange, which are left here by the cachers. Each cache has its own unique GC code. You can also find wooden coins in the caches, so-called SWG. You are welcome to keep these as a souvenir!

Water is gold

Rivers are called the veins of life because they bring water that is necessary for life to prosper. In Slovakia we often take water for granted, however, the changing climate is already threatening the availability of water in any part of the country. Your search for this cache will take you to the mighty Danube river where the importance of water will be told through the story of this unique river.

How to power the world

How can we make energy sustainably, from renewable sources and in a way that does not produce greenhouse gases? How can we power the world without destroying the planet? Answering these questions is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. We will contemplate them during your search for this cache of the ClimateQuest challenge.

Around the wetlands

The search for this cache will guide you through the mysterious world of wetlands, bogs and swamps. Take a peek inside this fairytale world that is full of remarkable creatures and captivating stories. Follow the footsteps of a beaver, listen to the frog orchestra and find out how wetlands can protect us from climate change.

The Inland Delta

Have you heard of the Danube „amazon?“ What happens when we restrain rivers and take their freedom? Your search for this cache will take you to a place that symbolizes the human endeavour to subdue nature. What price do we pay for our success?


One of the conditions of survival is the ability to adapt to change. The changing climate is bringing new challenges not only for plants and animals but also for people around the world. In the search for this cache, we will look at how cities can adapt to new extreme weather events and discover that in our effort to adapt to climate change nature is our best ally. 

Imagining the future

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Every one of us has the power to influence our world, it is just up to us what kind of influence we decide to have. The climate and ecological crises are forcing us to rethink our current way of being. Your search for the last cache will bring you to a place of contemplation where you can start to imagine a green future where people and nature exist in harmony.

Activity in Slovakia is led by BROZ

BROZ is a nature conservation NGO working in Natura 2000 areas across Slovakia. OUR MISSION is to conserve valuable natural areas and to stop habitat degradation and biodiversity loss — one of the biggest challenges of our time. We are also dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues, both global and local.