Lithuanian Fund for Nature

Who are we?

The Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LiFN) is one of the first environmental organizations in Lithuania, founded in 1991. The Fund specialises in the preservation of rare and endangered species, recreating their living habitats. The Fund also regularly organises campaigns and events for schoolchildren, helping them to get to know the environment they are living in and raising much needed awareness about nature, as well as on the impacts of pollution around us.


Our work

Currently, LiFN is taking part in 4 big projects. One of them is related to peatland restoration throughout the Lithuania, which also helps lock down CO2 in wet peats. Another project we are implement helps preserve the rare beetle Osmoderma eremita. As this beetle lives only in very old oaks, the effort to save this species also helps to protect old trees from being cut down. We are also involved in raising awareness about overfishing of certain fish species in the past recent years, looking forth to temporarily “give them a break” as we focus on other species for food.


Game on!

The Lithuanian Fund for Nature will implement in Lithuania street events for the youth, as well as empowering Young Ambassadors to search for ideas towards positive changes, and ask politicians to act upon them. Together with the Slovakian partner BROZ, we will organize a geocaching game challenge, while in cooperation with the Latvian Fund for Nature, we will develop and publish a guide for festival organizers on how to make big summer events more sustainable.