Christliche Initiative Romero

Who are we?

The Christliche initiative Romero (CIR) has stood for labour and human rights since 1981. Our work focuses on Central America and on the support of movements and organizations in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Moreover, we support campaigns and educational work in Germany.

Our goal is to build a connection between the countries of the Global South and Germany. In the spirit of our name giver, the Salvadorian archbishop Óscar Romero — whose life ended abruptly for fighting against poverty and social injustice in El Salvador — CIR works incessantly against injustice and standing up for the poor.


Our work

Climate justice is one of various topics CIR is working on. While residents of Central America’s Dry Corridor produce only a small amount of global greenhouse gas emissions, this region is already hit hard by the impacts of climate change. Therefore, CIR works to create awareness about this injustice and supports local partner organisations in adaptation projects.


Game on!

To bring the perspective of the Global South into the Game On! project, CIR will organise two fact finding missions to Central America where journalists, influencers and Young Ambassadors from all eight countries will take part. Additionally, CIR is inviting climate activists and experts from Central American countries to Europe to share their point of view related to climate change and its impacts.

CIR will also adapt existing events and materials developed by the other partners. We will provide educational materials and a board game on climate change, and organise workshops for Young Ambassadors, improvisations theatre plays, a museum exhibition and national lobby events in Germany.

In the later stage of the project, CIR will finally be in charge of launching an EU petition linked to lobby meetings.