Latvijas Dabas fonds

Who are we?

The Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) is one of the largest and most experienced non-governmental nature conservation organisations in Latvia. Active already for 30 years, LFN has carried out numerous nature projects with the main aim to protect and safeguard Latvia’s species and habitats.


Our work

Besides nature conservation actions and projects around the country — via the restoration of grasslands, protecting eagles or improving habitats, among others — LFN also participates in nature monitoring projects and develops nature protection plans for protected areas. We are also actively involved in environmental policy making, stepping up for the interests of nature and society and aiming to achieve forestry and agricultural practices that do not harming biodiversity. The organisation has been an avid nature educator and is very well known for its high-quality bird webcams, streaming live from the nests of protected species.


Game on!

The 'Game On!' project is, for LFN, an opportunity to connect the dots in a bigger picture and talk with young people about climate change and biodiversity. We need nature to protect us from the effects of climate change, and within nature itself lies one of the solutions.

Thus, we will combine our expertise in biodiversity and nature communications to create a strong team of young climate activists that will spread the message on climate change and inspire action. Besides creating the network of young climate ambassadors in Latvia, organising discussions and carrying out awareness raising campaigns, LFN will work on greening the festivals by creating a handbook, we will organise wilderness camps for the youth, and we will closely cooperate with all the partners in order to implement all project activities.