Who are we?

PersonaR is a strategic communication consultancy, expressly dedicated to help enterprises and organizations, so that their communication strategies are aimed to meet their business targets.


Our work

The Western mentality of business management differs greatly from what is conventional in Central and Eastern Europe. Technology has also altered market opportunities significantly. To adjust to that milieu, we provide data-based solutions. There are plenty of applicable methods. We help you develop the methodology and strategy that best suits the CEE market and the target group involved.

We integrate communication processes into management processes. We work closely with our clients to make sure they understand how the media and communication market operates. At the same time, we also get the gist of their business/operational strategy. As a result, we work on the communication strategy with joined forces, which is a prerequisite for success.

As a strategic consultant, one of our main tasks is to guarantee that the meticulously planned communication strategy is executed by the most suitable partners. If necessary, we also provide help with the selection of the right agencies, freelancers, assist their work and also review the processes while supporting all communication targets. Besides that, we point out how to exploit potential and avoid pitfalls. This way, we ensure that communication during campaign periods support business targets effectively.


Game On!

Coordinating a communication campaign covering several countries is not an easy task. Each country has its own communication challenges, making it difficult to harmonize communication activities of the participating countries. We are more than happy to take on similar challenges, as that is what we trained ourselves for in the past 15 years. Thanks to our international experience, we are ready to undertake project management tasks for international campaigns.

In the 'Game On!' project we are responsible for:

  • the communication strategy (both from content and visual perspectives)

  • management of central social media accounts

  • overview and coordination of communication activities of all project partners

  • providing service (consultancy and implementation) for project partners when needed

  • analysis and evaluation of communication activities based on targets and key performance indicators.

PersonaR is also managing the development and launch of a mobile application