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The climate crisis is here and none
of us are immune to its effects!

But climate change and its impacts are anything but equal. The reality is that those who are least responsible for the crisis are bearing the brunt of its devastation.

the problem

The effects Including effects of climate-damaging activities such as mining and palm oil and sugar cane plantations promoted by European companies in Central America
Unfairness of which countries emit the most greenhouse gases and which suffer the consequences
The responsibility of the Global North in compensating for loss & damage caused by climate change in countries of the Global South that have contributed little to climate change
The lack of commitment of countries of the Global North to financing mechanisms

Goals we intend to achieve

Raise awareness among European citizens, especially the youth about the injustice of the climate crisis and draw attention to the responsibility of emitting nations to compensate for loss & damage in countries like Guatemala (Guatemala contributes 0.3% to GHG emissions, but suffers 98% of its effects, as stated in our video)
Inform political decision makers in the EU and on national level in Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary about the situation in Central American countries and sensitise them towards climate justice
Demand climate financingwith special regard to the issue of loss & damage discussed at COP 27, to be finalised through a fair commitment by emitting nations ("Annex II countries" within the UNFCCC), accompanied by verification mechanisms involving the civil society, to avoid misuse (corruption and oppression of the civil society)

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Exert pressure on national and EU decision makers during the climate summit by tagging them with the hashtag #JustClimateFinance and #climategameon
Share your climate story with us!
Donate to climate projects in Guatemala
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Game On! contributes by organising two activities,
the Speakers Tour and the Lobby Meeting

The Romero Initiative - CIR invited 3 speakers from Central America who were eager to take part in the tour.

This diverse group will bring together a wide range of expertise on climate-related issues from different perspectives, including community environmental protests, access rights to land and water, and policy negotiations.

The main focus of the tour will be to highlight the dimensions of the climate crisis in Central America, discuss climate financing and loss & damage, and communicate demands to the Global North in terms of measures that need to be taken to achieve climate justice.

The tour starts on 22 October and ends on 6 November, just before the COP27 in Egypt.

4 Young Ambassadors of the Game On! project and speakers from Central America meet with MEPs to inform political decision makers in the EU and on national level in Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary about the situation in Central American countries, and also sensitise them towards climate justice.

At national political level, many Central American countries face difficulties in engaging with the civil society, therefore, there is a need for monitoring mechanisms via which the civil society can make sure that climate financing is used for the right purpose and not for corruption or the further oppression of the civil society.

Game On!
past events in Brussels,
Prague and Budapest:


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