Climate Education
EduQuest Yourself!

An educated mind
is the genesis of development.
And an environmentally educated
mind is the genesis of

Are you interested in climate change?

Do you want to raise the interest of youth
in the climate crisis but run out of ideas
on how to engage them?

Then you are at the right place at the right time!


With that in its mind, the 'Game on!' project has developed the Climate Education - EduQuest Yourself! material with the aim of engaging youth by using interactive exercises to learn about climate change and sustainability. This education package is focusing on experiential learning so educators, teachers, and facilitators are able to involve the participants in the learning process and have ready-to-use programs at their hands.
The material is divided into two sections - simple games and complex programs. The first section is focusing on inspiring and playful games related to the topics of nature conservation. These exercises are a great warm-up to serious topics like the effects of climate change, biodiversity conservation, or the importance of ecosystem services. The second section helps to deep dive into the complexities of climate change and sustainable living to foster the development of the systematic perspective of participants. The programs attachment can be found in the second phase of the educational material.

Are you ready to gamify climate change? Let's have a look at Climate Education - EduQuest Yourself!