Game ON Product

Museum Exhibitions

Major art exhibitions can attract tens of thousands of visitors and also great media attention, but normally do not deliver an environmental message. However, indirect links between artifacts and climate change can be usually found, and communicating these messages can be an unconventional and thus attractive way to reach a normally less susceptible, but nonetheless wide audience directly.

Thus, the 'Game on!' project will be working on adding layers to an art exhibition, in collaboration with museums, in all partner countries. The national partners will implement this activity in cooperation with a selected museum, researching the links between the exhibited artifacts and climate change. For example, how much the painted landscape is or will be affected by climate change? How much the diversity of the fruits in the standstill might disappear?

The activity will also be endeavoured to engage visitors in a simple action at the exhibition, such as leaving written and video messages, encouraging them to post on social media, and so on, to reflect and bring forth the ideas they have encountered.

This activity will be led by Hungarian partner CEEweb for Biodiversity.