Game ON Product

Climate Education - EduQuest yourself!

An educated mind is the genesis for development. And an environmentally educated mind is the genesis for sustainable development.

With that in its mind, the 'Game on!' project has started the development of educational materials to target the youth, covering an age range from 10 to 25 years-old. These materials will be based on interactive exercises with a focus on activating young children and their families to strive for sustainable lifestyle changes.

The learning packages will be distributed to educators in English and the national languages of the 8 participating countries, both in printed and electronic formats. Moreover, this dissemination will include access to relevant portals and the help of project associates.

Teacher and educator workshops will take place in all partner countries, and these educators and teachers will be encouraged to organise actions and campaigns in their schools and youth groups.

This activity will be led by the Hungarian partner National Society of Conservationists/Friends of the Earth Hungary.