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Ideas for how to make events more nature and climate-friendly have been researched, promoted, and implemented for some time. Environmental organisations, event organisers, and various businesses are interested in these practices, and they are currently enjoying attention in the media space. In view of this, as part of our ‘Game On! Don’t Let Climate Change End the Game’ project we, the Latvian Fund for Nature, have put together a guide for how to organise a nature and climate-friendly event. It is based on our experience and on expert knowledge. We hope that these recommendations serve as motivation to assess all sides of the way events are organised and run, helping us all to pay more attention to changing them!

Download the festival greening handbook here

We created the guide mostly with the needs and effects of open-air festivals in mind. However, many of these recommendations will be useful for other kinds of events, as they touch on many challenges that organisers of concerts, conferences, weddings or sports games have to face. These will be useful for event producers, as well as for the various other parties involved: performers, caterers, retailers, cleaning and transport contractors, technical staff, venue owners, communication specialists, sponsors, and municipalities where the events take place.

The manual is organised into five sections: food, waste, energy and water, transport and location. It is necessary to consider each of these sections when planning and organising events. We invite you to download the manual and be inspired to organise a nature and climate-friendly event!