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Monta Mestere

Young Ambassador from Latvia |

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"As a young activist and youth worker, I always enjoyed asking questions – why things were the way they were, why people thought the way they did etc. I especially love exploring the possibility of a fact or a truth being the opposite. Therefore when I was almost neck-deep in the climate movement I came to an unpleasant realization. I realized that climate change was happening and that for the most part, everything I was doing wouldn’t be enough to stop the 1% from contributing to the destruction of our planet. The thought of that made me physically and mentally sick. Then I discovered this project. It challenged the seemingly inevitable and grey future climate scientists were reporting, that the “game” of causing ecocides, destroying communities and valuable ecosystems was not over, that we haven’t lost yet, and that there was a force, though smaller and newer, fighting against the greed, profit and injustice of it all. And for me, it was always a matter of humanity. "

Participated in the climate camp in Solingen, Germany, an active protester against climate change and other social problems, mostly working with young people and creating activities and events on various contemporary topics.

Activist, a youth worker in many Latvian and other European ngo's, currently organizing an Erasmus+ youth exchange called "The Green Generation", interested in studying politics, as well as women's history, human rights and education.


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