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Kamen Zhizhanov

Filmmaker, young ambassador from Bulgaria (BBF) |


Kamen is studying his Master’s in Psychology of Health, and it is partly this path that he has expressed an interest in raising awareness around climate change in Bulgaria. He is a filmmaker, and is working on a project related to climate change, grappling with questions of how to engage people to act. In particular, he has worked carefully with the techniques of shock and fear, considering critically the role these will play in encouraging change.

Kamen discussed the power of involvement in Game On! and practical environmental activism as a means of encouragement and empowerment for young people. He eagerly contributed to the voluntary work conducted at Šumava to restore the peatlands, and talked about his awe at the feeling of involvement in a successful restoration project where the results were so tangible. He noted his desire to take lessons learned from involvement in the project back to Bulgaria, in both the task of awareness-raising and the practical techniques of ecological restoration.

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